Music City Old School MTG


A Meditation on Solitude

The house is way too quiet. I can’t sleep. My family has been gone to visit relatives and I haven’t seen them in five days. Tomorrow they come home, and maybe it’s the anticipation that agitates my mind. The reason doesn’t matter, what matters is I’m awake and dreaming beneath the Bodhi tree. I’ve largely tuned out of politics the past month or two. Usually an area of considerable interest, I’ve become weary of the...


Unpowered Empowerment: Music City Gingerbread Jam ’17 report.

We held our first official Old School tournament this past weekend. Being a last minute decision to throw this thing, it ended up being just our group, minus 1. Despite having only 4 players and not much time to plan, it was a blast and a great way to end our first year. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m just not great at taking notes for a recap, but again, I’ll do...


The Winds of Change

The leaves of Summer have been touched by the caress of Autumn, left to wither and die in one last burst of color and beauty. By time I get off work night has already overtaken the clear blue Tennessee sky. This has always been a reminiscent time of year for me, and during the drive to pick up my children and head home I reflect on many things from this year. My family has gotten...


End of a Year: A horrible meet-up report w/ Recollections and Ramblings

Our gang is starting to mature. This is all casual fun of course, but we’re all in it. With life’s responsibilities, I can only acquire so many cards, but I did manage to pull in a pretty good haul over the past couple of months and among other things, completed my mono B deck. It needed some staples and I was finally able to get my swamps upped to beta before they reached an even...


What Is Lost May Always Be Found Part II

The screams of a dying man echoed in the distance. Black smoke thick as tar hung heavy in the air, burning my throat. Through the shadows I could make out broken and twisted limbs though life had long since fled from the inanimate remains. This was hell on earth. But I was alive. The 2017 Player’s Ball in Chicago was now over and I had been baptized in fire. I ended the day with a...


Feeding the Addiction Again

It had been a long hiatus, but in mid-2017 I finally fell off the wagon. I started playing Magic back in the halcyon days of high school. My friends and I in 2002 decided that to get the fullest experience, we’d play what was known as Type 1. All the sets were legal, there was a banned and restricted list, and we could do whatever we wanted. We wanted to do the coolest things possible,...


Cheapguy Red

“What the fuck is a sideboard?” I asked myself this as I watched a VHS titled “MTG: Road to the 1998 World Championships” when I was around 11 or 12. Way back in the late 90’s I had gotten super into the championship decks. I bought a few and ended up with this video and I watched the hell out of it. I always played extremely casually as a kid, because, well, I was a...


What Is Lost May Always Be Found Part I

I awoke in a cold sweat. Was it where I left it, tucked safely in my boot? I reached down and instantly felt relief when I touched the worn and tattered parchment between my knife and my foot. The map pointed to a forbidden place where many have died before. Some may have found the place marked by the blood red X, some not. But none have ever lived to tell the tale. I breathed...


Nashville TN Old School

The above header picture is the most old school picture of Nashville, TN I could find (circa 1860). I moved here a year and a half ago with my family to start a job and not long after, got back into Magic after not playing since I was a kid.