March 6, 2018

If you build it, they will come: Bootleggers Ball 2018

Invite 2

Alright, we’re holding our first Old School event. The Bootleggers Ball will be held on May 26th in Nashville, TN at the Flying Saucer. An obvious tip of the hat to the great Lords of the Pit who hold their annual (hopefully) event, the Players Ball in Chicago, where a couple of our own mages have battled before. We’re hoping for a good turn out. We’ll have 6-10 locals and have some interest out of the old school community in Atlanta as well. The venue, Flying Saucer, is a small chain draught emporium with a ton of beer on tap and German fare. I’ll soon be sending out an invite for the event on related old school Facebook pages and Reddit. Hopefully the word will spread. Please feel free to contact us with interest or questions at Event details below:

RSVP on Facebook here:

If you don’t have Facebook, thats awesome. Just contact us directly


Venue-Flying Saucer: 111 10th Ave. S #310 Nashville, TN

Date/Time-May 26th, 2018 @ 12 noon. Venue opens at 11AM, so try to show up early to prepare for battle.

Entry fee-Donation to Nashville Humane Society ( Bring donations to the event. Suggested donation of $20. You can bring cash to the event, or email documentation of your donation to

Player Cap-30 **(AS OF 4/12/2018-10 seats left.)**

Rules-Eternal Central ( *Sudden death Orb flips to break ties.

Pairings-Swiss +1. 50 Minute rounds and no ties. Chaos orb flips to break ties.


1st placeTitania’s Song (Altered into a busted Dolly Parton by the great Cap’n Lupo of the Knights of TAPlar), Choice of signed card from the pool, Music City Old School patch, 1/2 gallon of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey

2nd place—Last place-Choice of Signed card from the pool

Last place-Beta Disintegrate(d) (Altered) signed by attendees, tiny 50ml taster of Jack Daniels

Most creative deck-Unlimited Sleight of Mind (Altered)


There thee has it. Invite to come on all horrible social networking sites. Feel free to bring a playable old school card for everyone to sign and throw into the pool. As I said, please contact us with interest or questions. This event is for nothing but donating to a good cause, having fun, and bringing old school communities together. In other news, our group is expanding. This past weekend we had 6 players with interest from a few more locals. Some pics from our meet up below. Hope to see you at the Bootleggers Ball. Ramble on.



plan shot

Was about to Fork Brendon’s shit up, but he Forked that up. Geddon’d a turn a way from a double Forked grenade.


Me and CayCE mixing it up with some late 90s standard. My stompy deck was wrecked hard by his 3 or 4 color green. Armageddon was not my friend that night.

mind twisted

Brendon getting Mind Twisted.


Tried out 4 Fork in a new version of my Mono R. 4 is definitely too many, but Fork’d grenade for the win.


CayCE preparing an Orb flip on the new guy.

3 way

3 way game. Zack looks to have a combo set up.




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