MTG Formats

Music City mainly focuses on Eternal Central rules for Old School MTG (four Strip Mines forever). But we branch out beyond that too. Below are some links to the formats we’re invested in:

Eternal Central Rules 93/94:

Eternal Central Rules Middle School MTG (1995-2003):

Alpha to Alliances (A2A):
This one is a hometown brew that builds on EC 1995 rules, adding the Homelands and Alliances sets. We believe that Homelands and Alliances add a vast amount to the brew-space and it fits thematically with Ice Age. Read more about the format here:

After extensive playtesting, we do not believe any card in Homelands or Alliances warrant restriction or banning. For anyone that wishes to play A2A, we recommend following the EC 1995 rules:

We do have a minor change, however. Taking a cue from other clubs, and in keeping with the flavor of Ice Age, Homelands, and Alliances, we are allowing decks to contain any number of the card Aurochs. Your 20-land, 40 Aurochs deck is legal in MCOS Alpha to Alliances.

Bring your moxen to cast these oxen.

In terms of watch list, we are keeping an eye on whether or not Fastbond needs to be restricted, and are also evaluating the power level of Merchant Scroll.