Music City Old School MTG


Cheapguy Red

“What the fuck is a sideboard?” I asked myself this as I watched a VHS titled “MTG: Road to the 1998 World Championships” when I was around 11 or 12. Way back in the late 90’s I had gotten super into the championship decks. I bought a few and ended up with this video and I watched the hell out of it. I always played extremely casually as a kid, because, well, I was a...


What Is Lost May Always Be Found Part I

I awoke in a cold sweat. Was it where I left it, tucked safely in my boot? I reached down and instantly felt relief when I touched the worn and tattered parchment between my knife and my foot. The map pointed to a forbidden place where many have died before. Some may have found the place marked by the blood red X, some not. But none have ever lived to tell the tale. I breathed...


Nashville TN Old School

The above header picture is the most old school picture of Nashville, TN I could find (circa 1860). I moved here a year and a half ago with my family to start a job and not long after, got back into Magic after not playing since I was a kid.