Classic Magic/Type 1

Eternal Central Rules Classic Magic/Type 1 (1993-2003):

Classic Magic is a recreation of Type 1 from 2003 and includes every Magic set released from Alpha through Scourge (including supplemental sets). It features a banned and restricted list, some rules changes, and specific errata for cards.

The following cards are banned in Classic:
• Amulet of Quoz
• Bronze Tablet
• Chaos Orb
• Contract from Below
• Darkpact
• Demonic Attorney
• Falling Star
• Jeweled Bird
• Rebirth
• Tempest Efreet
• Timmerian Fiends

The following cards are restricted in Classic (maximum of 1 of each card per deck):
• Ancestral Recall
• Balance
• Black Lotus
• Black Vise
• Braingeyser
• Burning Wish
• Channel
• Demonic Consultation
• Demonic Tutor
• Fact or Fiction
• Fastbond
• Flash
• Gush
• Imperial Seal
• Library of Alexandria
• Lion’s Eye Diamond
• Lotus Petal
• Mana Crypt
• Mana Vault
• Memory Jar
• Maze of Ith
• Merchant Scroll
• Mind Twist
• Mind’s Desire
• Mox Emerald
• Mox Jet
• Mox Pearl
• Mox Ruby
• Mox Sapphire
• Mystical Tutor
• Necropotence
• Regrowth
• Shahrazad
• Sol Ring
• Strip Mine
• Stroke of Genius
• Time Walk
• Timetwister
• Tolarian Academy
• Vampiric Tutor
• Wheel of Fortune
• Windfall
• Yawgmoth’s Bargain
• Yawgmoth’s Will

Notable Rules/Differences from Modern Era of Magic:

  • MANA BURN STILL HAPPENS (as in, players lose 1 point of life for each unused mana in the mana pool at the end of each phase).
  • DAMAGE USES THE STACK (as in, combat tricks such as Morphling, Triskelion, and Mogg Fanatic work).
  • THE WISH CYCLE RETURNS TO ORIGINAL (PRE-M10) FUNCTIONALITY (as in, Cunning Wish, Burning Wish, Living Wish, Death Wish, and Golden Wish were originally able to find an appropriate card that had either been removed from the game, or was located in your sideboard. The Wish cycle functionality has been restored to allow this).

Time Vault
Time Vault comes into play tapped. Time Vault doesn’t untap during your untap step.
Skip your next turn: Untap Time Vault and put a time counter on it.
T, Remove a time counter from Time Vault: Take an extra turn after this one. Play this ability if only there’s a time counter on Time Vault.

Illusionary Mask
X: Put a creature card with converted mana cost X or less from your hand into play face down as a 0/1 creature. Put X mask counters on that creature. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery. You may turn the creature face up any time you could play an instant by removing all mask counters from it. Note: this is similar to how Illusionary Mask worked in a previous rules update, prior to the modern wording.