Old School 93/94

Eternal Central Rules 93/94:

We commonly use the Eternal Central rules (with liberal allowances for reprint and proxy usage). The LOTP site linked above has the full rules on sets allowed and card-specific errata. For ease of reference, the Banned and Restricted List for 93/94 is reproduced here:

The following cards are restricted by EC in 93-94 tournaments (maximum of 1 of each card per deck):
• Ancestral Recall
• Balance
• Black Lotus
• Braingeyser
• Chaos Orb
• Channel
• Demonic Tutor
• Library of Alexandria
• Mana Drain
• Mind Twist
• Mox Emerald
• Mox Jet
• Mox Pearl
• Mox Ruby
• Mox Sapphire
• Recall
• Regrowth
• Sol Ring
• Time Vault
• Time Walk
• Timetwister
• Wheel of Fortune

All Ante cards are banned.