September 16, 2023

MCOS Midsummer Classic 1 – Results and Decklists

The Midsummer Classic has concluded. After 5 swiss rounds of 20 players, the first MCOS Classic Type 1 online tourney concluded with the one and only Shaman Ben emerging victorious.

This was a trial run in a few senses. First, we haven’t run an online tournament since the deepest parts of the pandemic. While we all wanted to sit across tables from each other after that, recent in-person events had us missing our most distant friends. Webcam Magic will always have a place.

Second, I wasn’t sure how Classic would be received. But every round, like clockwork, people would report their results and follow it up by saying this was the most fun Magic they’ve played in a while.

Third, the power of old Type 1 is undeniable, but I wasn’t sure how the metagame would shape up. In times past when I had played, combo decks were overrepresented. While combo was definitely well-represented, the remainder of the meta was healthy enough to balance it out. Here’s the breakdown of our meta in this tourney:

Stax – 2
Chains – 1

Dragon – 2
Storm – 3
Dreadnought – 1
Aluren – 1
5C Coalition – 1

Sligh – 1
Mono Black – 1
Tempo – 2 (RUG, Snake)
Wurm Aggro – 1

Hulk – 1
Keeper – 1

The top 8 was incredibly diverse with appearances from each deck type. The final standings and points after 5 rounds are below.

Deck lists are in this album:

Prizes were graciously provided by The Mailman and included erased and bootleg-foiled staple cards from the era. A reverse draft was performed at the conclusion of the tournament.

Shiny prizes

Looking back, this was an absolute success on all fronts. We had a healthy meta with a good amount of players, all of whom had a blast. My personal Classic Battlebox still has a bunch more decks in it. So I’ll be holstering mono black and pulling another heater out of the arsenal for next time.

We’ll be hosting another webcam Classic tourney in the future. Stay tuned.


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