July 26, 2020

Announcing – Music City Old School SUMMER SLAM

Greeting, fellow Old Schoolers! This spring and summer has been been difficult to say the least what with the ‘rona going around and keeping us all inside. Due to public safety concerns, Bootleggers Ball 2020 was cancelled, along with the rest of everything. As other MTG events have moved online in a downsized fashion, we here in Music City thought we’d do the same. But it isn’t a BLB without being able to hang in person…

So we are announcing the Music City Old School Summer Slam!

Event Structure:
This will be an online event held at a leisurely pace with no timed rounds. We will be using modified Swiss pairings in batches (much like the Atlantic Summer Derby). The tournament will be run in two “batches” of pairings. You’ll have several days to get your matches in and report the results, then the second batch of pairings will be released and we’ll do it all over again. As always, matches will be best 2 out of 3. Since this is online, no ties and no orb flip tie breakers. 

Signups will begin now and will close August 3rd. Batch 1 matches will be played from August 6th to August 17th. Batch 2 matches will be played from August 20th to August 31st.

The MCOS Summer Slam will use Eternal Central 93/94 rules. So pull those extra three Strip Mines out of the binder for this one. We will NOT be allowing proxies. See this page for EC 93/94 rules: https://www.eternalcentral.com/9394rules/

To make the organization easier, we’ve started a Discord server that participants will be invited to upon signing up. That will be the central hub for all tourney goings-on including pairings announcements, results reporting, and general hangouts. 

As this is an online event, you will need some way to play with cards over webcam. We will not be providing hosting rooms for everyone. Be sure to have your own method of webcam gaming, be that whereby.com or similar free platform.

We’ll be capping the event at 32 people, but we may raise the cap depending on interest during the signup period. 

As with all MCOS events, we want to support a charity here in Nashville, TN. As you may know, a tornado blew through Nashville the night of March 2nd/3rd, destroying a swath of the city. After that, coronavirus put thousands out of work. And to top it all off, we STILL haven’t solved racism. For this event, we will be supporting Gideon’s Army in their Rebuild North Nashville campaign. North Nashville was hit especially hard by the tornado and the coronavirus. It’s an underserved area of the community and Gideon’s Army does a ton to help out. You can read more about that here: https://www.rebuildnorthnashville.com/

For this event, consider the entry fee a $20 minimum donation to Gideon’s Army at this link: https://donorbox.org/gideonsarmy

With the posting of this announcement, signups are now open. Signups will close August 3rd. Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Email us at musiccityos9394@gmail.com 
  2. Include your name and your Discord handle
  3. Include a picture of the deck you will run (main and sideboard)
  4. Include a screenshot of your donation entry fee

After we get a sign up email from you, we’ll reply back and invite you to the MCOS Discord server. That’s where this will all go down.

Overall, this is meant to be a fun little foray into online Eternal Central rules Old School. Spike or spice as you prefer. We’ll figure out towards the end if we want to do a Top 16 or not. And we’ll also throw together some prizes in a very haphazard and improvised way–as we always do. 

Have fun and we’ll jam soon!

P.S. – we have a big boy website now. It’s green.


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