August 14, 2022

The Gigaball – Deck Photos and Results

The Gigaball weekend saw the Nashville and Chattanooga crews of MCOS gather for a smorgasbord of Magic formats. On Friday, Middle School fired after we got settled in (and tapped the keg). Saturday morning began with breakfast and an Alpha to Alliances tourney. After lunch and a bit of rest, EC Old School 93/94 took us into the night. Twelve players participated in the events. These are the deck photos from each event.

Check out all the event pics and action shots over at the other blog post:

The results are presented for each format with deck lists in order of placement.

Special Mentions

First, I want to point out Pratt’s 93/94 deck. It is a UWBR deck with powerful spells and creatures… complete with full hand drawn alters fit to a theme of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This was the star deck of the weekend due to its creativity and devotion to the craft.

Next, shoutout to Steven who won the Middle School event, placed 2nd in A2A, and 3rd in 93/93. His tight play and powerful decks led to consistent placement and an overall win by points for the weekend.

Newcomer Jordan Z got his first taste of each of these formats, complete with a win in the 93/94 event. As with all Nashville events, champions are awarded an MCOS patch.

Also, major props to Josh and the rest of the Chatt crew for contributing to a huge stack of prize cards and other prize items. These included a selection of Vanguard cards, fantasy books and alters from Shaman Ben, fanny packs full of tiny liquor bottles, an art print of the Volcanic Island art, Tempest-era Ultra Pro life counters, and more.

Lastly, our friend and comrade JJ created three incredible alters for the top prizes in each event. JJ is truly an artist of the highest skill. Unfortunately, he was sidelined by covid (not our fault!) and was unable to attend. But his work deserves to be shown off. He altered one card each for the respective formats, all in the art style of Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.

Cabal Therapy
Gorilla Shaman
Titania’s Song

Middle School

Steven – Burn
Sonny – Stiflenought

Jordan Z – Landstill (Decklist Missing)

Pratt – Burn
Cayce – Gro-A-Tog
Fish – Survival Elves
Chris M – Squirrels!
Snyder – Biorhythm Elves

Alan – Pox (Decklist Missing)

Josh – Survival Madness
Charles – Turbo Madness
Chris H – UB Slivers Precon

Alpha to Alliances

Cayce – NY Zoo
Steven – Zoo
Josh – RUG Tempo
Pratt – Necro

Alan – TaxHaups (Decklist Missing)

Fish – Wonderbread
Snyder – Red Deck Wins
Sonny – A2A Delver
Chris M – RG Berserk
Charles – Ants

Jordan Z – Decklist Missing

Chris H – Thought Lash/Field of Dreams (Decklist Missing)

Old School 93/94

Jordan Z – Pure Evil
Josh – Beast Orb
Steven – Naya Bazaar Zoo
Cayce – Eureka
Sonny – UWG Geddon
Snyder – RGB Beats

Alan – Winds of Chains (Decklist Missing)

Pratt – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Fish – Derek Stompy
Charles – GB Aggro
Chris M – Dreams Combo
Chris H – Mono Black

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