September 20, 2020

MCOS Summer Slam – Organizer’s Report

August was a great time for Music City Old School. With the lack of any travel events in the US, we decided to hold an online tournament for a small number of participants. It didn’t replace Bootleggers or Players Ball or any of the other great meetups we all look forward to every year, but it gave everyone the opportunity to hang out, play Magic, and at least experience the 2020 version of whatever it is we always do.

The Eternal Central rules tournament hosted 33 players (one of whom dropped between batches) partaking in 8 matches over the course of five weeks. After the swiss, there was a cut to Top 8, where the Top Men battled it out for supremacy.

The participants donated over $500 to the tornado/pandemic Rebuild North Nashville relief effort of Gideon’s Army. If you would like to donate, you can do so at this link:

Anywho, here’s the final standings, Top 8, and the decklists:

Swiss Standings:

PlayerMatchesMatch PointsOMW%GW%OGW%
Brian Urbano82161.94%73.68%56.38%
Cam Wall82157.25%75.44%52.89%
Josh Jones81861.94%65.00%56.60%
Darren Lee81858.81%66.67%53.65%
Carter Petray81854.13%68.42%53.47%
Brandon Burgoa81852.00%61.90%46.29%
Josh Burgoa81559.38%53.97%56.03%
Matt Viau81556.25%63.16%53.15%
Seth Roncoroni81555.69%54.55%47.65%
Grant Castleton81554.13%52.63%52.39%
Adam Love81552.56%52.38%53.04%
Charles McFadden81258.25%50.00%47.97%
Chris Ward81255.13%55.56%52.40%
Alan Finney81252.56%45.45%51.93%
Sherry T81248.88%50.00%49.72%
Eric Martin81243.19%52.38%44.03%
Ben Revell8956.25%38.60%53.00%
Ryan Lye8954.13%45.00%52.02%
Shawn Sullivan8950.44%43.94%50.39%
Sonny T8949.44%40.00%49.31%
Ethan Ward8947.88%42.11%47.24%
Joe Taylor8947.31%43.48%47.43%
David Craig8944.63%42.86%44.32%
Vincent DeVito8941.50%42.11%43.09%
Park Cofield7647.57%38.89%45.36%
Scott Brauner8647.31%37.88%47.26%
Nick Viau8644.75%36.84%45.95%
Taylor Quail8643.19%35.00%46.28%
Jesse Fish4356.25%45.45%52.91%
Brian Buckley7348.07%27.78%48.43%

Top 8 Single Elimination Results:

1st – Brandon Burgoa
2nd – Carter Petray
3rd – Josh Burgoa
4th – Cayce Grissom
5th – Brian Urbano
6th – Cam Wall
7th – Josh Jones
8th – Darren Lee


Below are all the decklists, in order of final placement. First, the top 8 decks, then the rest following the swiss order.

Brandon Burgoa
Carter Petray
Josh Burgoa
Cayce Grissom
Brian Urbano
Cam Wall
(I’m serious, his pic was this small when he submitted it. Protec ya tech)
Josh Jones
Darren Lee
Matt Viau
Seth Roncoroni
Grant Castleton
Adam Love
Charles McFadden
Chris Ward
Alan Finney
Sherry T
Eric Martin
Ben Revell
Ryan Lye
Shawn Sullivan
Sonny T
Ethan Ward
Joe Taylor
David Craig
Vincent DeVito
Park Cofield
Scott Brauner
Nick Viau
Taylor Quail
Jesse Fish
Brian Buckley

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