February 7, 2020


Well, I sure am glad 2019 is over. Rough year. We’ve been doing the same ol’, same ol’ down here. Had a couple meet ups and steadily adding warriors to the fold. I’ve taken a bit of a breather from cards lately. After the AA winter tournament the holidays caught up with me, but I’ve been stewing up some things these past couple of weeks. I have a very fun mediocre mono Green ramp deck that I’ve been playing. Playing Gaeas Touch and Channel-ing out Trikes and Su-Chis has been doing it for me. I’ve also been working on a some aggro/prison lists. The Music City group is pretty heavy on prison. I usually lean toward aggro, but mixing the two is interesting, so that’s where my head is.


Anyway, this post is really just to promote BOOTLEGGERS BALL 3! The date is Saturday, May 16. Registrations are now open. See the link at the bottom to sign up. All the info you’ll need is there on the Eventbrite page. We’re capping this at 64 players and hosting at yet again a different venue. This year Yazoo Brewing Company has graciously donated their space to us. Yazoo brewery is just north of downtown Nashville. It’s going to be another rager. I don’t play in many tournaments and other than our local events, Players Ball in Chicago is usually all I can swing, but BLB always gets me excited to brew and play again after the holidays. I’m sure there will be happenings the day before the event. I’ll shoot out any info for that on the Facebook event page, which is also linked at the bottom.


As per our tradition, first place will receive an altered Titania’s Song. Last year Kerstin Kaman’s son, Tom Wanerstrand, did the alter and it was a beautiful, sentimental piece of work. This year, Jesper Myrfors will be doing the honors. Although Jesper did not do the art for this card, he grew up with Tom and Kerstin in Sweden and is also the one who asked her to do a few pieces for the Antiquities set. I’m more than excited to see what he comes up with and am very grateful that he’s helping out.

If the event fills up, which it more than likely will, don’t hesitate to hop on the waitlist. There are always drops. Play something fun. Be nice. Get down.

BOOTLEGGERS BALL 3 Registrations

BLB3 Facebook Event page-Hype






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