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Announcing – Music City Old School SUMMER SLAM

Greeting, fellow Old Schoolers! This spring and summer has been been difficult to say the least what with the ‘rona going around and keeping us all inside. Due to public safety concerns, Bootleggers Ball 2020 was cancelled, along with the rest of everything. As other MTG events have moved online in a downsized fashion, we here in Music City thought we’d do the same. But it isn’t a BLB without being able to hang in...



Well, I sure am glad 2019 is over. Rough year. We’ve been doing the same ol’, same ol’ down here. Had a couple meet ups and steadily adding warriors to the fold. I’ve taken a bit of a breather from cards lately. After the AA winter tournament the holidays caught up with me, but I’ve been stewing up some things these past couple of weeks. I have a very fun mediocre mono Green ramp deck...