Author: Derek


Stuck in Ovaltine: Scryings Stompy, U-Bru’s, and Secret Decoder Rings

It’s about 10:30 and I’m watching n00bCOM in 2-3 minute intervals while drinking lukewarm coffee and trying to finish up some work before I say fuck Friday. Meanwhile, my two kids are swimming around with ferocious amounts of energy. I’ve just finished tutoring my daughter as she is out of school for the rest of the year and she is now ready to rage. However, my son has been raging for quite some time and...



Well, I sure am glad 2019 is over. Rough year. We’ve been doing the same ol’, same ol’ down here. Had a couple meet ups and steadily adding warriors to the fold. I’ve taken a bit of a breather from cards lately. After the AA winter tournament the holidays caught up with me, but I’ve been stewing up some things these past couple of weeks. I have a very fun mediocre mono Green ramp deck...


A Bootleggers Christmas: Alpha-Alliances Tournament Report

The weather was temperate this past Saturday, although the gray skies and wind posed as a very cold winter day. Our crew assembled on the front steps of Tennessee Brew Works for our third annual Christmas Tournament, A Bootleggers Christmas.  We decided way back that these annual Christmas events would be close Music City friends and family only. An invite tournament sort of, but mostly just a gathering of friends. It started at The Lion’s...