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Tournament Report: Middle School Meltdown (1st) and 2022 Bootlegger’s Ball (1st)

Bootlegger’s Ball is my favorite Magic gathering each year. In summer 2018 I moved from San Francisco back to Chattanooga, TN. Unfamiliar with Old School, but hoping to find other players who love old cards, I took a box set of 1995 Inaugural Pro Tour decks down to a local shop, and who should walk in but Josh Burgoa? We battled. Josh introduced me to the Alpha to Alliances format and invited me to BLB,...


Tournament Report: Middle School Meltdown (A Prelude to Bootleggers Ball 3)

Our big tournament weekends have so far involved some event on the Friday night before. In the past, it’s been house parties. This year, that wasn’t viable. But brother Finney organized a space at Bearded Iris Brewing north of downtown Nashville for the purposes of having a Middle School tournament. I put 18 names into the computer and we ran a 4 round event full of nostalgia for cards from 1995 to 2003.  Middle School...