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Bootleggers Ball 2023 – Classic

On December 1st, Music City Old School opened our doors once again to our friends to celebrate another year. Our tradition has grown to include a pre-event event the night before Bootleggers. This year, the first event of our Bootleggers Ball Weekend was Classic Magic. Classic is a Type 1/Vintage format that spans from Alpha in 1993 to Scourge in 2003. The first ten years of Magic are what I am most nostalgic for and...


MCOS Midsummer Classic 1 – Results and Decklists

The Midsummer Classic has concluded. After 5 swiss rounds of 20 players, the first MCOS Classic Type 1 online tourney concluded with the one and only Shaman Ben emerging victorious. This was a trial run in a few senses. First, we haven’t run an online tournament since the deepest parts of the pandemic. While we all wanted to sit across tables from each other after that, recent in-person events had us missing our most distant...


MCOS Midsummer Classic – A Type 1 Online Tournament

Twenty years ago, I played Magic every Saturday evening at a run down card shop on the highway leading to Kentucky Lake. Throughout the school week we’d play at the school cafeteria tables, but the card shop was where we got serious. We’d spend time talking strategy and showing off the decks we ported over from issues of Inquest and discussion threads on The Mana Drain. When something didn’t work or we needed another piece...