Author: alionamongstmen


De Mysteriis Dom Titania Part I

Part I: The Birth of a Goddess In the Mind of the All-Consciousness, there came forth the Word. From the Word, came Light. Set apart from Light was Darkness, and so the One became Two, and the Universe was manifest. The Heavens were set apart from the Earth. In the Heavens were suspended the stars and celestial bodies, the Planets, the Sun and the Moon. And to the Earth was given the Air and the...


Well What Do You Know, it’s Another Fucking Atog

If it were possible to distill happiness and capture it’s essence in a jar what price would you pay for a single drop? What value would it have if the most wonderful moments of our lives could be harnessed and relived over and over again with a simple drop on the tongue? Happiness presents itself as a paradox, one we can define yet it remains ever elusive. We strive to hold it in our hands...